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What is a Sit-on-Top?
There are two broad categories of kayak.  The traditional sit-in variety of kayak with a cockpit to sit in, and the 'sit-on-top' style of kayak.  As the name would suggest, the paddler sits on top of the 'sit-on-top' kayak rather than inside a cockpit.  Sit-on-top kayaks have scupper holes which means they are self draining, if water comes into the kayak it will quickly flow out through these scupper holes - in other words you can't be swamped.
Sit-on-top kayaks are very stable, easy to paddle, safe and lots of fun.  They are now a very popular class of kayak on the market.
Basically hop on and paddle, its as easy as that, no training is required. 
There are sit-on-tops designed for surfing, family fun, touring, fishing, fitnesss training, diving and kids' recreation. It is accessible (to a wide range of paddlers, young and old, small and large) so the fun you have can be as serious or as lighthearted as you like.

Hi-tech fishing from a kayak

Ocean Kayak is the worlds leading sit-on-top brand.  Since its innovative debut in 1971, Ocean Kayak models are considered the most stable and safest kayaks on the market. Their boats are manufactured in New Zealand (Silverdale, Auckland) and sold around the world. The Boatshed stocks the full range of sit-on-tops from Ocean Kayaks. To learn more about these multi-purpose fun-machines, visit the Ocean Kayak web site, where you can research the full range before discussing your purchasing ideas or decisions with us.

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